Moorcroft Group (MGPS) enables companies to become high performing. 

That is, we help companies to become proactive, to identify threats and opportunities ahead of the competition, to fine-tune products and services to meet ever changing markets and to effectively manage costs and strategically focus on sales and profit for sustainable long-term growth.

What is high performance?  To remain competitive an organization must be proactive.

To do this, access to accurate, applicable data and information is critical.  To be able to anticipate market changes, competitive threats and economic pressures, an organization has to be able to pinpoint areas of concern and deal with issues as they occur.

Better yet, a high performing organization foresees problems ahead of time and turns them into opportunities.   
Moorcroft Group partners with their clients to ensure success is both quick and sustainable.

We enable our clients to reach targets and improve their forecasting abilities.  We provide the tools and expertise necessary to ensure our clients are prepared to deal with volatile markets and global challenges.
We have a proven track record of success and aim to provide our clients with the best possible solution(s) to deliver that competitive edge
We provide "Productivity and Profitability Indices" across your whole organization whether by task, project or campaign as well as by customer, market segmen​t and region. 
  • Holistic Business Process Evaluation
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Organizational Analysis
  • KPI Analysis
  • Target, Strategy Analysis
  • ROI assessment of change recommendation
  • Alignment Analysis Definition of solution strategy
  • Project Management of Delivery
  • Solution Platform Selection
  • Solution Delivery
  • Productivity/Profitability Indices
  • Solution Integration
  • Recommendations
  • Solution Custom Development
  • Implementation
  • Solution Maintenance and Staffing
  • Monitoring/Tracking/Advice
  1. Identification
    Understand the scope of the project, ask the right questions and identify key requirements and objectives. Understanding the problem is half the battle. Knowing what to measure and why is essential to developing winning performance strategies..
  2. Development
    Assess technology solutions, analyze data and develop effective strategies designed to reach objectives. Ensuring critical data and information is accurate and that metrics are aligned with performance targets will position the client for high performance.
  3. Implementation
    Implement solutions, measure results, and develop ongoing monitoring schedules. Continuous Improvement, refining strategies, adjusting targets and responding to change ensures a proactive, engaged and competitive organization
Moorcroft Group has the technical and managerial expertise to assess, develop and deliver superior results to companies facing difficult performance challenges.

We partner with our clients to implement long-term, practical solutions to a variety of problems, including technical, operational, production, and marketing.
We provide excellent data-driven technical platforms that enable clients to respond faster and with greater precision.  
We enable clients to develop superior forecasting abilities and, with our solutions, clients are able to accurately pinpoint concerns and develop effective strategic solutions that deliver exceptional performance.

​We can put your organization on the path of profitability